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To make your visit very smooth & memorable on our website we use cookies , for a feel better experience .

(1) What are cookies ?

(2) What type of cookies we use ?

(3) How can you manage cookies ?

(4)Where can you get further information ?

What are Cookies ?

Cookies are small text file placed on your website or Mobile device when you accept , when you visit any web sites , Cookies do not personally recognise you and cause no harm to your computer , but make you experience rich when you visit the web sites in future.

For example , we use cookies on our web site , for you to log in to web site with out using your log in name each time , Cookies helps us understand your choices , likes & dislike which helps us to give relevant information when you visit our web site next time , it is very use full to measure the effectiveness of the advertising on our web site and how happy user are with our website , which in turn makes us easy to make the web site more visitor friendly

There are different type of cookies , some get deleted as soon as you close the browser and some remain on your system even after closing the browser , for you to log in with out entering any log in details when you visit our web site next time.

What Type of Cookies we use ?

Essential Cookies : Without these cookies you may not be able to views or use many of our web site features and the site could not work properly , it helps to navigate on our website easily and use our essential feature.

Performance & analytics Cookies : to enrich your experience on our web site and make it very smooth & enjoyable for you , these cookies try and understand how user use our website and helps to make the website more user friendly and enhance the performance of the website by providing anonymous information about which part interest’s you more or any difficulties faced by user . it helps to redesign our features on the website , helps us in understanding the effectiveness of our advertising on our web site

Functionality Cookies : These cookies help us save your basic information like language setting , your previously booked information , These cookies also help you to watch videos & views maps on our web site . Flash cookies are used for animated content & some preference of your settings like volume.

Advertisement Cookies : These cookies help us to show relevant information of your interest and the advertisement which is more specific to you , and see to it that the same advertisement is not repeated continuously . no personal details like name , address , contact details are collect by tases cookies unless and until you choose to provide.

Social Networking Cookies : Tases cookies helps you share our information with your friends through social networks set by the social networking sites.

How can you manage your cookies ? It is very well in your control to accept or delete cookies , if you choose to disable cookies then some of the features of our website may be restricted or may not be visible for you , provided very useful information and how you can manage your cookies setting on your browser.

Where can I get more information : you can always right to us through mail by always using our customer feed back form to now about cookies & other technology we use on our website & we will always be ready to help you as much as possible

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